last day in Rome today why this

hetaliacentral asked: Happy birthday! Have a good day and be safe <3

Thank you bby! c:

inductiveproof asked: buon compleanno! and have a great time in rome :D

grazie!! I’m having the best time already cc:

pruauss asked: happy birthday!

Thank you! c:

ya both so mean Bc

ploan asked: Ahhhh happy birthday Silje bun! I hope you're enjoying yourself today and everthing goes well for you!

Oh I’m having a great day hah, tusen taakk! ;u;

milkeyvich asked: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YA RUNT!!

is that really necessary of you



bigsisukraine asked: Happy birthday, dear. :3

Thank you v much! ;v;

silentlyitdrops asked: Happy Birthdayyyyyy!!!

Yooo thank you!! c8

roseskies asked: Hyvää syntymäpäivää Silje!!!!!! I hope your say is filled with wonder and happiness !! I wish you only the best as you venture into your New Year of life! I love you lots and miss you tons dear!! I can only pray for the day we meet in either Norway or Canada! Again I wish you the best and hope that your day is hands down AMAZING!!! Love you!!!

Aahhgjhkj thank you bby!! miss you too ggh we need to talk more often, seriously. Tusen takk igjen!! Glad i deg ;v;